Create first with the Soul, the Rest Will Follow

Alaskan Fur Fashion Show Commercial

Alaskan Fur Promo Video

A very last minute, amazing opportunity to be invited to a black tie benefit fashion show, at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Kansas City. the featured clothing was provided by Alaskan Fur. Makeup was superbly and efficiently executed by Makeup and Hairstylist Mellissa Blayton, and her supremely talented team.

My First Short Film.

Short Film, Student, New York Film Academy, Burbank, CA, Arri, 35 mm film, Black and white, horror, thriller, suspense

Shot on an Ari 35 mm Film Camera that dates back to WW2, here i reveal my very first film while attending film school. We could have used colour film, but i wanted mine to be moody. haha. I came up with this story on the fly, and have no idea where in my mind, […]

As if From Grimms Fairy Tales

Designed to Reach for the Heavens

Whilst driving about a local road in Missouri, I stumbled across the most picturesque farmhouse i had ever seen! I was taken back in time to a world before cars,  planes, and  the internet. I was consumed for the better part of the evening in this place and i hope you all be too as […]

The Treasures of a Forgotten Midwest



Light Painting

Light Painting in Missouri

  Light Painting can be very addictive and i’ve lost more than a few nights of sleep from doing it. But it has yielded such incredible in-camera results that i can’t get enough. Enjoy my Post on Light paniting and feel free to comment below                     […]

New Portfolio

The Midwestern Frontier

  Hello my my faithful followers! Thank you for stopping by my website, it’s been a while since my last post as I tend to share my images on Facebook and utterly fail to upload here. I have been a busy bee here in Misourri since leaving California, this past year. The rural landscape has […]

Magical Speculations!

Timothy-Wood-HDR-Photography-Composite-Fashion-Black and White-Landscape_Contrast-Woman-Man-Maya-Aztec-South-America-Ruins-Cemetary

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages, prepare yourselves!! What you are about to see may stun and inspire your senses, nay dare I say, it will lift your mind out of the murk of the mundane to place of beauty and powerful introspection…… ok, maybe they might not do any of those […]

Upon Waking

Plane Crash, Explosion, Short Film, Animation, Element 3D, After Effects, Special Effects, Ghost story, Plot Twist, New York Film Academy, Timothy Wood

A young woman involved in a plane crash struggles to live a normal life with her mother. Written and Directed by Timothy Wood. My longest short film, to date. Criteria was only the use of Voice over Narration to tell the story with visual flow. This is what I came up with. please enjoy and […]

The Andersons


Such an amazing and fun family to photograph. Mrs Anderson was a stalwart and shining example of how to have fun in a family of all boys! her beautiful smile showed that family was the center of her happiness. The guys, well, they were guys and had the best time in front of the camera, […]

His Tell Tale Heart

A serial Killer in confronted by his victims all the while being punished by his Tell Tale Heart pounding loudly in his ears.

A short film, created as a music video for A New York Film Academy assignment.  A Serial Killer is Confronted by his victims causing his tell tale heart to beat loudly in his ears in guilt